A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust

The chiding sun, the aggressive alarm,
The goodbye mommy as she holds u in her arms.
The curiosity to learn, the eagerness to grow,
The plans for tomorrow all laid out in a row.
That flat in London, that comfort of old friends – although far.
The surprises and history of a big city, yet a familiar couch for after hours.
A small girl in a big world, out to explore it, out to leave a mark.
Then the fairies sprinkled some dust, and her life catches a spark.

Uncertain, determined,
Afraid, excited,
A heart full of emotions, but freedom her only thought!
Having once taken a step, she knew only too well never to back down.
In a sea of strangers, picked a face not in toxins drowned.
Oblivious to moon light’s sweet farewell,
Enchanted by tales of kittens and sportsmen.
Strolling through narrow alleys in the warm embrace of sunlight,
for the first time I really saw his face.

Soon came pungent realization,
A cherished memory, a lesson learned.
Travel is about so much more than the destination.
In a labyrinth of dignity, the web of egotism,
We bury our naivety, and wear a wreath of stone.
Only on a journey does one truly carry the weight of his soul,
Willing it to be amazed, willing it to be bold.


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