Journey away from the centre of the Earth

To all fans of the movie who were led here by the deceiving title, Oops! Sorry. 🙂

It is said that telling friends and family about your goals supposedly helps keep you motivated towards achieving them.
Coming to think of it, it’s a logical statement. Once you’ve told people you’re pursuing something, you don’t want to come across as being all talk, and that is what drives you to make it happen.

I like to believe I’m a strong, ambitious woman! However, as a fresh-grad just out of college, only 5 months into my first ever job, I don’t have very many examples to give, of my determination. And somehow through this blog I want to gradually build a portfolio for myself. For me to one day look back and see the changes I’ve undergone over time, that I may not otherwise be able to put a finger on. Because every decision you ever make contributes to the forming of your character.

My one life changing ambition is to move abroad, live in a few countries with very different cultures, before finally settling down in the UK.
(Think: The English Accent!! The rich history, the scenic beauties, their (in)famous rain, and the countless pubs!)

Anyone wanna share their opinion on this?

Anyone wanna share their opinion on this?

Having said that, I still fully intend to visit to the UK several times, for short or long periods, before making that kind of commitment. It may seem far-fetched to say I want to live there without having ever visited the place, but sometimes when you’ve wanted something for long enough, no amount of reasoning can change your mind. If at a later date, I find out I’m not as psyched about it after having had the chance to experience it, it’ll just become part of the journey of finding myself.

So if that’s what this article was about, why be such a Drama Queen about the title?

Well, although the times are changing and most parents are actively making an effort to bridge the generation gap between them and their children; to become more accepting, or tolerant (however you want to see it), most of us of Asian origin will understand that for a young man or woman in an Asian family to want to move abroad and live independently is not an easy concept to grasp for our families. It’s alright to want to go study abroad for a few years, (work abroad, maybe?), but why would you want to leave the comfort of your home and the love of your family to go build a life from scratch?

How do I explain to them that it’s about self-empowerment; about creating a life of value for yourself. Living on your own is not defined by the difficulties you encounter, but is a great way to get in tune with yourself, figuring out the things you stand for. Most of us go through life passively; living with the family during school life, with friends at university, and then with boyfriends, fiancées or husbands after (or if you’re a man, then your female counterparts). In all of this, if you’ve managed to give yourself enough ‘me’ time, good for you! but for the rest of us too caught up in trying to please everyone and fix overburdening relationships, it’s amazing how fast life goes by once you have your education and life-partner departments figured out. You simply cannot suddenly decide to focus on yourself without disrupting the natural order of things and throwing all those around you in confusion!
Is it wrong to do some exploring when you have the time, to avoid feelings of regret later?

And so, to answer my own question about my dramatic title for this post… My life, as it is right now, simply put, is a whole bunch of questions, far away dreams, and blurry visions of the perfect future. As I move from one phase to the next, adding more value, more character and more solidity, I will essentially be increasing the distance between my current state of chaos and bridging the gap between the vast galaxy, that is my dreams. Therefore, the journey ‘away’ from the centre of ‘my’ earth.