Dear Gunraza

SO a friend of mine just had a baby 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been trying to put pen to paper ever since but having obviously never been in her position couldn’t figure out what the strongest emotion would be and what I should really be writing about. But anyway, here’s my feeble attempt!

Shayna, I just want to wish you all the very best for everything that lies ahead. Everyday will be a new adventure, enjoy every minute of it! Wish you and Gunpreet happy parenting years ahead! I love you! A BIIIIGG but very gentle hug to the li’l one.

Dear Gunraza

Tiny hands, tiny feet,
Baby hair and look, no teeth.
The first glimpse of her made you forget all your pain.

Her first cry, her first smile,
the first look, her first touch.
Her innocence, her purity,
Her cluelessness, her fragility.

Hunger, heat, cold, or sleep,
Only you know why she weeps.
Overwhelming, isn’t it?
Hey momma! Take a breath.
She’ll be just fine, have faith!

Your demands for pickle, your craving for ice-cream,
And changing your mind as soon as you got it.
The hubby finally understands the reasons for your mood swings;
After all it was the emotions of 2 beautiful girls: mommy and offspring!

From this point on you truly learn to be somebody’s everything.
Her smile, your aim; her mischief you tame.
Such is the game of parenting.


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