Of Anchors and Dreams.


A symbol of hope; unshaken determination.

Like in a storm sailors need to remain hopeful and do everything in their power to survive, similarly in life, to truly feel alive, one must have a purpose; a goal, towards which (s)he works with determination and will power.

It may not be as easy as taking the stairs. You will have to pave your own way sometimes, having trekked up certain miles only to realise the path leads nowhere. Come back down, take a deep breath, draw up a plan, and start over. It is important not to lose focus by getting caught up in the allure of flamboyant flowers.

Dreams give life a direction. Whether it’s that top position you want at your company, or that song you’ve always wanted to write and compose, or that perfect life you want to create with your significant other. No dream is big or small. Dreams may also change with time. Just remember to have a dream; so you don’t lose your bearings.