I envy the gross spiders!

What do you think of when you see a spider?

Putting aside the inevitable gut-churning, sudden quiver that the sight of a spider sends through me, I have come to appreciate how much composure the creature has. (And no, I have not been sitting around staring at one!).

As human beings that believe we are one of the few species that have the power to make things happen our way, or that we are somehow in control of things, it’s funny how little control we really have. We can buy flattering clothes, put on some pretty lipstick, wear high heels to boost confidence and set out pretending all is well. But that’s only on the outside.

What about the inside?

On average, I have 20 new ideas a day. Be it related to my health, short cuts to losing weight, new additions to my wardrobe, how my room is arranged, new recipes I want to try, more ear piercings, a holiday I want to take, what I’m going to do on the weekend, new restaurants / cafes in town, parties to attend Friday night, progress at the workplace, what my next blog topic will be, when I will actually write one and post it, etc…! Whew! That list took me a minute to come up with! Imagine this list with ten times as much intensity as you felt while reading it. And now think of that whirlpool of thoughts, all day, every day!

I’m sure most of you can relate! Whether you are a man or a woman, things that matter to each individual vary from person to person, but we all go through this phase. We have so many plans we want to actualize, and sometimes at the end of the day, we haven’t done anything but think about them! When this happens regularly, we get frustrated with ourselves for not having made any progress in spite of having so many ideas.

It’s hard to believe that after all that brain power we put in, it was all only in our heads!

Speaking for myself, I tend to plan a lot and do very little about it.

What’s the point in only making plans and dreaming of a more exciting tomorrow, if I’m not going to do the work involved! I’ll be exactly where I am today, in 5 years! Still hoping I could go on that Euro-trip, or move to that new apartment in the heart of the city!

BUT it’s not as simple as that! This all has to be managed in between properly and efficiently working at your full-time job, maintaining a social life, spending time with the family, staying fit, cooking and giving yourself some time off!

We always hear people tell us how we can’t tackle everything at once, and that we need to break things down and dedicate fixed times to everything that deserves our attention! How do they make it sound so easy? Do they never get tired? Are they just lucky? How do I do what they’ve done?

It’s pretty simple, really! They don’t have super powers! They just got a pretty good grip on time management!
And we’re all going to hate to hear this since we spent 20+ years waiting to finish school and university, so we could stop living life by a timetable! Yet, that seems to be the answer to all the frustration!

Remember going to school and thinking you had too many subjects to focus on, and those days when you doubted you’d ever make it out of there? For some of us, it was the P.E. class we hated most, others hated Math or Economics or English essays. But we all got out of there, made it into the big world, and DON’T YOU DARE DENY that you have found yourself thinking at some point or another “Oh! I did this in class Mr. X, Ms. Y or Mrs.Z”!

Whether or not you mastered it, you graduated taking some knowledge with you from every class! Imagine these weren’t exactly even subjects you chose with a lot of enthusiasm! So if now we set our heart on something we really want to learn to do, if we keep at it for long enough, and in healthy 2 hour (or whatever is suitable to your situation!) sessions, don’t you think we could accomplish all we want?

I started today’s post looking for someplace to vent my frustration, but figured this out while I was at it! So I’m going to try and implement this in my daily routine from now, and hope it works!

Because as some anonymous genius once said

~~”The best project you will ever work on is yourself!”~~

You see, if a spider with its 8 hairy, creepy-crawly legs which, studies have uncovered, are more than they need, can have the determination to tame those legs to carry it’s body in the direction it wants to go, I can’t help but envy the creature of its sure-footedness! If we are a superior species with a mind enabled to execute logic and reasoning, shouldn’t we be able to set our hearts on something and follow-through?


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